AOC Goes Ballistic — Demands Absurd New ‘Reparations’

After ignoring the Biden-created border crisis for weeks, Democratic Congresswoman. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has finally weighed in. She is blaming the people of this country for the influx of illegals and demanded that migrants get “reparations.”

She made the insane remarks during a virtual event when she expressed her frustration over the bad conditions at the overcrowded migrant centers, which Americans are funding during a pandemic and a recession.

Ocasio-Cortez called these places “horrifying” and “barbaric.”

The truth is, many of these centers were built when Obama was President.

Of course, AOC did not blame Biden for attracting the hourly wave of unvaccinated illegals. With many migrants telling reporters that they felt invited to the country by Biden himself.

AOC said the migrant flood is because of “interventionist” U.S. policies and said that Biden is attempting to fix the issue.

In reality, he aggravated the crisis by stopping wall construction and pledging amnesty to invaders who violate longstanding laws he approved of when he was in the Senate.

The congresswoman then blasted former President Trump by saying his administration “took babies from the arms of mothers.”

But where are the photos of these alleged events? This overhyped left-wing narrative was proven completely false.

“This is not what happened during Trump, where they removed babies from the arms of mothers and traumatized kids and deported families,” AOC said.

She then said that families who were separated during Trump’s time “are owed reparations”.

AOC is ignoring the fact that many of these “separations” are voluntary. Unaccompanied minors are routinely handed off to human traffickers by their terrible parents and then put over the border fence like trash bags.

Maybe Americans should get reparations for being forced to pay for other people’s children to be taken care of.

Ocasio-Cortez went on to say that this country deserves to be flooded by armies of illegals because its policies caused the poverty in Central and South America.

“We are not being invaded,” she said. “U.S. foreign policy has caused the destabilization of these countries … where these children are leaving. … We have decades of interventionist policies that have caused these issues.”

Author: Blake Ambrose