Anti-White Whoopi Goldberg Finally Gets Suspended, But Not For Hating On White People

Whoopi Goldberg was from ABC after her controversial comments about the Jews in which she said the extermination of the Jews was not about race since “Jews are white.”

“While Whoopi has apologized, I have asked her to take time to think and learn about how her comments,” ABC News president Kim Godwin stated. “The whole ABC News group stands in solidarity with our Jewish friends.”

Several sources informed reporters that ABC insiders are not pleased with Whoopi Goldberg’s Holocaust remarks nor her apology after the quick, mostly media executive, backlash and thought she should be disciplined.

“Disney Network execs say Whoopi went way too far. And the executive board members want a more complete retraction. The rumor is Whoopi is in ‘deep shit,’” one ABC source said to the outlet.

“Why would Whoopi get a pass when others don’t? Maybe this time she won’t. Many people at the network — including the other hosts — believe Whoopi is now too controversial to even be on the show,” the source added.

While Whoopi may hope the situation will go away soon, the ABC insider said that will not happen.

“Her agents are now panicking that she could have ruined her career for good,” one source said. “Plus, now she has possible death threats to worry about.”

Another insider said that Whoopi may benefit from the fact that people are sick of “cancel culture.”

“Whoopi could benefit from the fact that people don’t like cancel culture. But it is still amazing that it is one rule for Whoopi and another for everybody else,” the insider said.

The incredible backlash is strange given all of the anti-white comments Whoopi has made in the past without any consequences at all. Now with this anti-jewish comment, the media executives are responding with action.

Monday night, the failed comedian elaborated on her remarks with comedian Stephen Colbert and seemed to double-down on her stance by saying that Jews do not have racial discrimination in the same way as black people because of skin color.

Author: Blake Ambrose