Anti-white Liberals Target Children With New, Broader Propaganda

In Virginia, the Fairfax County Schools’ curriculum is using the word “privilege” to emotionally harm children and giving points according to if they are male, white, Christian, a military kid, or “feel represented within the media.”

Parents were stunned, according to reports, when they saw the “Military Kid” and were fast to point out that this so-called “privilege” includes having to move a lot and children only seeing at least one of their parents for a long time. They also risk losing one of their parents or becoming orphans.

Angered parents who complained about this “privilege” bingo game were sent a message by Assistant Superintendent Douglas A. Tyson justifying the terrible practice which is meant to emotionally abuse white children.

“The screen shot you mentioned comes from an approved FCPS lesson that is focused around students getting a ‘choice’ and examining the author’s perspective about a wide-range [sic] of topics. Students are asked, within the lesson, to read and think critically about the author’s perspective,” the note said.

The practice is even more disturbing considering that Fairfax County, which is close to the Pentagon, is home to many military families. Parents said that even though Fairfax Country gets supplemental funding for teaching military families, many refused to turn in this form that would award them with extra money this year due to the hate towards white children.

A school board member called Abrar Omeish aggressively opposed the resolution in Sept. to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks. His dad was a leader of the mosque that was home to the 9/11 hijackers. This is only one outrageous outpoint that reveals how corrupt the Fairfax County Schools is. Anti-white Critical Race Theory is yet another example.

Newly-elected GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin gave an executive order that bans “divisive concepts” that says “students are sexist, racist or oppressive, and other students are the victims. This stops the students from gaining important knowledge, and form their own ideas. Our kids deserve more from their own education than to be told what to believe.”

The game was torched on social media:

Author: Blake Ambrose