Anti-Trumpers Create A New Hilarious Russian Conspiracy

The crisis with Russia going into Ukraine seems to have triggered the “expert” Alexander Vindman to have a nervous melt down. We reported how he attempted to blame Trump and then he even tried to blamed Fox News for Putin invading. If that were not unhinged enough, now he is completely gone over the edge.

Now Vindman is blaming the whole GOP in general and Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) specifically for the Russian invasion.

Exactly how are the Republicans and Greene supposed to be behind Putin invading on Biden’s watch?

Virtually all that Joe Biden has done since he go into office was helpful to the cause of Putin. Biden waived the sanctions on Nord Stream 2, basically causing it to be completed, something the United States had fought for many years because they understood the completion would harm Ukraine, help Russia and give it a hold on the EU. President Trump had sanctions to stop this and he had warned about the danger of such an act, telling Germany they would have to cut the cord.

Then Biden also removed our own energy production ability. Even up to last week he was still making bad decisions in that regard.

Then, as Russia put thousands of troops on the border, the Republican party, led by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed to enact sanctions that, at this point, may have influenced Russia. He moved to reimpose the sanctions on Nord Stream 2. Not only did Joe Biden personally work against it, the Dems even used the filibuster to stop it from being enacted, despite the fact Democrats were attacking the filibuster, falsely saying it was “Jim Crow.”

Then Joe Biden signaled to Vladimir Putin that a “minor incursion” could not precipitate a complete response from the United States in terms of action. He also took troops totally off the table. It was after that when we saw more moves by Putin.

But the White House even then — even with Biden claiming an attack was getting closer — refused to enact any sanctions against Russia before the invasion, even though Ukrainian President Zelensky was asking for it, saying what good would it be after invasion?

Author: Scott Dowdy