Anti-MAGA Lawmakers Fear 2024 Landslide

Mitt Romney is not a good to Trump. He only seems to say good things about the former president when he needs something from him. For example, Romney jumped onto the MAGA train when he was facing his own election.

After that, he routinely goes for Trump. He also voted against him at both impeachment trials. His assaults have sparked severe push-back at home in Utah.

It appears many people aren’t happy about his actions. But they might be surprised to learn what Romney is now predicting about Trump’s future.

He said in an interview this week that if Trump were to run in 2024 he would easily get the Republican nomination…

Romney said he’s not always great at predictions and “a lot can happen,” but he says in polls comparing Trump to other candidates, “he wins with a landslide.”

He’s not using any psychic abilities to predict that. Trump is by far the top guy among the GOP right now.

Recent polls show that Trump is the most-liked by a large margin. His approval rating only rose after the impeachment lunacy.

And among 2024 candidates, Trump dominates. He has a double-digit lead over everyone else.

But while Romney is predicting that Trump would win the GOP nomination, he is not endorsing him.

Many wonder about why Romney hates Trump. Is he jealous of Trump? Or is Romney a conservative in name only?

Conservatives wonder where Romney’s loyalties are. He often says what we want to hear. But his actions usually point in another direction.