Anti-Cop Democrats Finally Get What They Deserve

Democrat Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon (from PA) was carjacked at gunpoint in the city of Philadelphia and was left unharmed this Wednesday, her office said in a comment.

Philadelphia Police said the incident happened at 2:45 P.M. EST at the 1900 block of Pattison Avenue in the FDR Park after a tour which included other Congress members.

6 ABC says:

“Scanlon was going to her car and was approached by two men in a dark SUV. Both of them were armed, then demanded her keys, police say. They drove her blue 2017 Acura MDX away with the license plate LKG-8893. It was last spotted going westbound on Pattison to Penrose.”

“She thanks the Philadelphia Police Dept. for their fast response, and appreciates the work of the Sergeant at Arms in Washington D.C. and the police dept. for working with Philly PD to guarantee her safety,” Lauren Cox, a spokeswoman for Scanlon, said in a comment.

Scanlon is the representative of Pennsylvania’s 5th District, which includes a section of Philadelphia.

Democrat Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney stated about the carjacking: “It is disheartening, and frankly angering, that criminals feel so emboldened to commit such a crime in broad daylight in what should be an area of tranquility and peace, a park in Philadelphia. My thoughts are with her during this traumatic time.”

In Nov., Philadelphia experienced the grim figure of 501 homicides for that year, surpassing its yearly homicide record of 500 reached in 1990.

“To put it simply, our city is drowning, and we don’t have enough life preservers to go around,” Councilmember Kenyatta Johnson stated about the city’s homicide problem. “This is a crisis of huge proportions. It’s a moral one.”

This comes at a time when Democrats are increasingly avoiding the topic of crime, choosing instead to go after what they say are “white nationalists” and terrorists. Conservatives who obey the law are more likely to be targeted and rounded up than violent criminals or illegals. There seems to be an almost wish among Democrats to see violent crime happen against normal Americans. And now, that has boomeranged back into their own people.

Author: Steven Sinclaire