Another Red-State Out-Smarts Treasonous Joe Biden


Last week, the Arizona State Legislature passed a bill forcing voters to show proof of citizenship before casting their ballots.

Arizona state law currently requires that people register to vote using government-issued identification. But a new bill, HB 2492, would impose a requirement for citizenship on voter registration paperwork.

On March 23, 2022, the State Senate passed HB 2492 by a 16-12 margin, according to an article by Isabel Van Brugen of The Epoch Times. According to van Brugen, 12 Democratic senators voted against the measure, and two more Democrat senators — Lela Alston and Juan Mendez — did not vote.

The Arizona State House has already approved the bill by a margin of 31 to 26. The county recorder or any other officer tasked with overseeing elections must reject any voter registration application that fails to provide adequate evidence of citizenship under this measure.

“The Attorney General shall pursue individuals who are determined to not be United States citizens,” the bill read. In this instance, the legislation referred to non-citizens who attempt to register to vote.

Arizona’s Democrats are convinced that the bill is an attempt to reduce turnout in an increasingly competitive state.

Arizona’s Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs urged Governor Doug Ducey to reject the legislation. She asked him on Twitter on March 25 to nix the bill.

It is difficult to overstate the need for such legislation. Democrats are fully aware of the massive immigration agenda, and how it may help them achieve electoral dominance. Republican states must crack down on efforts to increase their electorate size. More significantly, they’ll need to get more proactive in shutting down large migration moves.

The Left is getting excited. The competitive nature of the Sun Belt is increasing, as are the stakes, owing to demographic changes brought on by mass immigration. Any sort of amnesty would make these regions more difficult for Republicans to access and ultimately strengthen the managerial state.

It’s a no-brainer to say that ignoring the national question would result in the death of the Historic American Nation.


Author: Scott Dowdy