Another GOP State Gets Back To ‘Normal’ After COVID Panic

It’s been well over a year since our country first collapsed under the fear and panic of the MSM. It was the media that fanned the irrational hysteria of the China virus. And government leaders quickly moved to erode our freedoms, just to avoid losing face. But the facts are painfully clear: lockdowns and other restrictive measures did not improve the situation. In fact, we can all agree it made life much worse.

Over the first few months of 2021, governors and state leaders started to aggressively end their COVID mandates. As the vaccines become more and more available to the public, states like Texas, Florida, and others (all conservative) dropped requirements like masks and capacity limits. Blue states, which continue to suffer economic devastation, have been very slow to restore normalcy.

I wonder which states will be thriving a year, two years, or ten years from now?

We are now receiving word that another conservative state is trying to end the needless restrictions that hurt his communities. And he wants people to return to major events.

Republican Tennessee Governor Bill Lee told Outkick founder Clay Travis on Wednesday morning that the state of Tennessee should be hosting outdoor sporting events at full capacity…

After the interview, Lee made his stance on indoor sports even more clear, tweeting: “It’s time. Indoor and outdoor sporting events should happen without caps on attendance or other arbitrary measures.”

Lee said some COVID-19 adjustments used to make sense, but now, circumstances have changed.

“We can’t make decisions based on the fact that someone might get infected. That’s going to be true from here on forward. So we should live life, we should open for business, and we should move ahead with what we’ve got,” he said. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. Another leader coming to his senses and saying what we all know is true. And, of course, he’s a Republican.

But let’s take a hard look at what he’s saying. Lee said that we can’t “make decisions” on the fear something might catch COVID. He even said that will be the case “from here on forward.” Because of that, the rest of us just need to live our lives.

Um… why is that true now, but not true a year ago? Why did we think that locking down our states would make the virus just go away? I know some people are feeling more comfortable because of the vaccines, but what Lee said has always been true.

COVID was never going to just go away. It will always be something that’s out there, like any other disease. If it’s right to lift restrictions now, then it was never right to impose them in the first place.

While we should celebrate every leader who is lifting COVID restrictions in our states, let’s not forget this one thing. They are only undoing damage that should have never been done. Every leader that needlessly shut down schools, barred Americans from going to church, restricted businesses, and ruined the lives of millions can’t get off the hook.

They must be held accountable, so this never happens again.

Author: Sam Anderson