America’s Allies Humiliate Biden On Live TV

A major Australian network has exposed the corruption and weakness of the Biden White House. In a recent segment, Alan Jones from Sky News Australia stated that Biden’s declining mental health has raised alarms among U.S. allies.

“This is the President of America who is incoherent and cognitively declining,” Jones said. “And a leader of the free world, it’s insulting to those who have defended democracy.”

Jones then stated that the supposed leader of Democracy has to be propped up for every event. He added, the mainstream media has covered it all up for Biden to make him look better, but they are failing at that job.

“After his stumble, Washington Post, CBS News, the New York Times and MSNBC all did not mention Biden’s incident,” Jones noted. “And to prove Trump’s point about airtime, CNN gave 15 seconds to the event. But when Trump walked slowly down a ramp last year, CNN spent 22 minutes pushing the idea that Trump was having serious health problems.”

Jones also stated that President Biden has made comments that didn’t make sense, which caused more confusion among allies of America.

Author: Scott Dowdy