Americans Turn On The President – Blame Him For Growing Crisis

Americans were largely unimpressed by Biden’s long-awaited address to Congress. The man laid out his radical, divisive plan for the country, one that will surely fail thanks to a lack of Republican support. But during his speech full of attacks and falsehoods, there was one thing Biden refused to talk about: the crisis on the border.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have bombarded our Southern border since January. Some experts believe that number will soar to over a million by the end of the year. Only a few of these migrants have been turned away or sent back home. Many of them, who tried to enter the country illegally, have been detained in overcrowded facilities.

Cartels and human smugglers are having a field day, ferrying migrants into the country. Many are caught a released, with no court date for their deportation. Clearly, Biden created a massive crisis when he eliminated all of Trump’s border policies. The MSM is doing its best to ignore the problem or spin it.

But even in CNN poll can’t hide the truth.

A large majority of Americans believe the border situation is a crisis and do not approve of how President Joe Biden is handling it, according to a recent CNN poll.

Of those polled, 78% view what is going on at the border as a crisis, compared to only 19% who believe otherwise. CNN also determined that 65% of voters disapprove of how Biden is handling the situation, which contrasts sharply with the 29% who approve…

Those who disapproved of how the president is handling immigration polled at 53%, compared to 41% who approve. [Source: Daily Wire]

Yes, most Americans should disapprove of Biden’s immigration policy, considering he doesn’t have one. Biden’s idea about immigration appears to be, “Meh!” as hundreds of thousands of illegals demand entry into our country.

Biden, who continues to band the COVID-19 drum, isn’t even bothered that these migrants can contribute to a “super spreader” situation, if let into the country. Reports have suggested many migrants being let into the country have tested positive for the virus. While others are forced into cramped cells, with no attempts at social distancing.

So far, the administration’s idea of handling this situation is to just ignore it. Biden created the massive crisis and is now pretending like it isn’t happening. Some critics on the right have suggested Biden did this deliberately: create a crisis so he can justify radical new migrant and asylum policies. That wouldn’t be the first time Democrats did something like that.

In fact, most moves out of the leftist playbooks involve creating a problem they have to solve or make an existing problem much worse (see: the homelessness crisis in blue cities). That way, these Democrats can spend more money and create more government to “fix” what they broke.

That certainly looks like what Biden is doing. The problem is the border was under control before he got into office. So, everyone knows it was Biden’s fault in the first place and they won’t buy his “solutions” which will only make matters worse.

Biden is such a bad leader, he can’t even get his leftist schemes correct.

Author: Mark Anderson