Americans Prove Their Doing Their Best To ‘Tune Biden Out’

If you thought the ratings for the Oscars were bad, you better just buckle up. It’s no secret that Joe Biden is a bland, uninspiring, and (most likely) illegitimate president. Even those who voted for him were not excited to do it—they just wanted to get rid of Donald Trump. Millions of other Americans don’t even believe Biden is really calling the shots (for good reason). So, when this aged, flip-flopping, nearly out-of-his-mind man gave a primetime address, how many Americans really bothered to watch?

Keep in mind, Biden’s first 100 days in office have been a complete failure. Right away, he signed a mountain of orders that killed major projects (and thousands of jobs), created a border crisis, and pushed endless government spending. He is promising to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, raise taxes, and radically change our country.

And that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. How many Americans, even Democrats, want to sit through and hour or more listening to this man talk?

Turns out, very few.

President Joe Biden’s ratings for his first address to a joint session of Congress are stunningly low.

The 78-year-old drew a dismal 22.6 million viewers across seven major networks, according to a report from Deadline, citing networks’ “near final” numbers.

The outlet emphasized that the low ratings come out to a 47% drop relative to former President Donald Trump’s first joint session address…

The president’s speech also fared poorly online.

Aside from generally low video views, left-leaning news stations and outlets that streamed the speech, like USAToday, NBC News, CBS News, CNBC News, and CNN all had “thumbs down” reactions outnumbering “thumbs up” reactions. [Source: Daily Wire]

Despite being aired on all major networks, only 22.6 million Americans watched Biden’s speech. Donald Trump’s first address brought in 43 million viewers. That’s a really bad drop, no matter how you slice it.

Keep in mind, it’s not as if Americans didn’t know about this event. TV networks were advertising it. Hell, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other online streaming services had it front and center if you logged on. The liberal establishment was doing everything in their power to prop up this old man’s pathetic speech. Yet still, shockingly few Americans bothered to tune in.

And you might be thinking online viewers more than made up for TV viewers. Nope. Of the relatively low numbers of online viewers, many of them disapproved of Biden’s speech. Unlike TV coverage, we got to see who online watchers were thinking, as many more downvoted the speech than upvoted.

Even CNN’s flash poll of their own viewers revealed fewer approved of Biden’s speech than of previous presidents’.

Hmm… you’d think that the man people demanded replace Trump would have stellar numbers. The nation would be fawning over this guy, excited to hang off of every word. Instead, Americans just aren’t interested. Biden is not the figure anyone seems to want in office. At best, he is a puppet with no vision or plans.

Can a man like that even lead?

Author: Joe Smith