Americans Make Their Voices Heard As ‘Biden Chant’ Explodes Nationwide

It’s no secret that Joe Biden is a huge failure. Even liberal-leaning approval polls are giving him failing grades. Some of them even have his approval at a shocking 38%–with no signs it will be improving soon. But I guess this is a secret to the Biden administration. They seem to be ignoring the outcries of the American people.

Biden’s White House continues to push an agenda that is largely unpopular with Americans. Even as his approval crashes, he shows no signs of changing his game. Perhaps that’s why Americans are resorting to a new method of letting the country know what they think of him. And this trend is only gaining steam.

The anti-Biden chant continued its tour of the country this weekend as Ole Miss fans broke out in a thunderous chant of “F*ck Joe Biden” during Saturday’s game against the Arkansas Razorbacks…

The ubiquitous chant has been joined by an adjunct phrase, too, one that mocks both Biden and his lapdogs in the media. After CBS Sports reporter Kelli Stavast pretended that a crowd of NASCAR fans were chanting “Let’s go Brandon” instead of “F*ck Joe Biden,” many are using her phrase to needle both Biden and the media at the same time…

The “Let’s Go Brandon” chant also rang out at Donald Trump’s rally in Iowa on Saturday. And at least one Trump fan even made himself a red “Let’s Go Brandon” ball cap. [Source: Breitbart]

At yet another sporting event, the crowd broke into a chant cursing out failed president, Joe Biden. They even went further to mock the media who pathetically tries to protect Joe, chanting “Let’s Go Brandon.”

A CBS reporter had previously tried to lie about the chants at an earlier event, claiming they were cheering on a driver, instead of cursing the name of Joe Biden.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn soon that Biden will try to ban large gatherings at sporting events. The man is so arrogant, so elitist, that he can’t even accept criticism or even challenging questions from the media. He is ignoring numerous polls that reveal his plummeting approval.

And despite the fact that all his decisions have so far failed, he refused to alter his plans. We all know his $3.5 trillion spending bill will tank our country. It will only make our current economic problems much, much worse. Yet Biden is ignoring common sense and the backlash of Americans to push this bill.

How louder do Americans need to shout before this corrupt administration gets it? We hate what Joe Biden is doing to this country. We do not support his plan and want him gone.

Maybe only when we get real leaders in Congress will somebody hear us.

Author: Peter Graham