Americans Deal Leftists a Devastating Blow – Reject Their CRT Agenda

For months, American parents have fought over what the public schools are teaching their children. It has come to light that many government-run schools are pushing curriculum influenced by CRT, or “critical race theory.” This revised version of U.S. history casts everything in the light of racism, brandishing our founding fathers as villains.

Naturally, parents were outraged. The Biden administration, as you can expect, sided with radical school boards, even labeling concerned parents as “domestic terrorists.” Yes, that’s how far we’ve fallen.

But if the left thinks they will get away with poisoning our children’s minds, they are sorely mistaken. This year’s elections saw many school boards reshaped, with new anti-CRT members joining. And now, a new poll reveals what Americans really think of CRT.

A USA Today/Suffolk University survey released this month found nearly half of registered voters oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools.

Of 1,000 registered voters, 47 percent (472) said they oppose the teaching of CRT, while 20 percent (201) support it and 33 percent (327) said they “don’t know enough about it to say,” as seen in question 17 of the survey. [Source: Breitbart]

The majority of those polled were opposed to critical race theory, with 33% saying they didn’t know enough about it. Something tells me once they are enlightened, they will be quick to reject it. This survey comes as the liberal media tries to gaslight Americans into thinking CRT isn’t being taught in our schools.

But this issue is so important, it helped decide the Virginia governor’s race. Virginia parents were pushing back against school boards that claimed they weren’t teaching CRT. Then, the Democratic candidate shot his chances of winning by saying parents have no say in what their children learn. Bad move, idiot.

All across America, parents are discovering the kind of garbage liberal-run public schools are teaching. The pandemic lockdowns exposed them (in some cases for the first time) to the level of lies being pushed as fact. And they are finally standing up to the corrupt teachers’ unions and school boards who are trying to brainwash our children into becoming communists.

That’s why even Biden’s FBI tried to get involved. They wanted to discourage parents from speaking up, under threat of intimidation. Don’t like what your kid is being taught? Oh, well how do you like being called a domestic terrorist? Thought so.

Democrats are so determined to teach these lies, that they’d violate Americans’ rights to do it. That shouldn’t surprise us too much, they don’t believe in rights anyway (unless you’re a rich liberal).

This poll is proof that Americans distrust what the left is trying to teach our children. And as this situation continues, more parents will either demand truthful curriculum in their schools or they will find alternatives to public school.

In my opinion, it’s high time we stop letting Democrats teach our children anything.

Author: Joe Samson