Americans Blame Biden As Political Divide Becomes Mile-Wide Chasm

Throughout the time Donald Trump was in the White House, we heard the same thing from the media. They accused him of being a horrible monster that was “dividing” our country. Rarely, though, did you ever hear him say things that deliberately divided Americans. Instead, he supported an agenda that brought back jobs, protected the border, strengthened our economy, and improved our communities.

Are any of those issues “divisive?” Didn’t think so.

But it didn’t stop the media from distorting interviews, taking comments out of context, and generally lying to slander the 45th president. These days, however, they can’t blame Trump for the many problems hammering our country. And Americans don’t seem to think he is really behind our division. In fact, a new poll reveals Americans are blaming the man who is trying to tear our country apart.

Most Americans believe President Biden is responsible for dividing the American people, a Convention of States/Trafalgar Group survey released Tuesday found.

“To what extent do you believe President Biden is responsible for the divisions in the American people?” the survey asked.

Overall, 54.2 percent said Biden is responsible for dividing Americans, and of those, 39.4 percent said he is “very” responsible.

Meanwhile, 45.8 percent said he is generally not responsible for the division. [Source: Breitbart]

Now, why would the majority of Americans say Biden is tearing the country apart? Isn’t he the man that promised unity at the start of his administration? It’s worse than just him not trying to unite the country. Biden has taken steps that are deliberately eroding our country’s identity, unity, and sense of purpose.

His failure in Afghanistan destroyed our morale. It harmed our servicemembers in ways we can’t possibly imagine. Soon after that, Biden went even further to hurt America, by issuing his vaccine mandates. His decision to force Americans to choose between their liberty and their jobs pitted us against each other.

His policies have apparently divided the country into two groups, the privileged vaccinated and the hated unvaccinated. He blamed rising COVID numbers on people who did not need nor want the shot. This failure of a president actively tried to get Americans to turn on their neighbors, coworkers, and loved ones.

So, yeah, it seems like he really is responsible for dividing our country.

The poll numbers are telling. Thirty nine percent of voters think he is “very” responsible for dividing Americans. And among independents, 64.1% believe he is to blame. Those aren’t winning numbers, no matter how you slice them. Americans know who is the source of many of our problems and it’s not a man whose been out of office for almost a year.

With each passing day, we see more and more polls revealing Biden’s total failure as a president. The real shocker is his unwillingness to change course, even a little bit.

Author: James Maverick