American Hospitals Overflowing… But It’s Not From COVID

In the one year that has featured so many mysteries already, we have another very weird one to share with you.

Emergency rooms in America are being filled up or even overflowing, and no one can explain why this is going on.

Right now, the amount of new coronavirus cases in the U.S. each day is under half of what it was only a couple of months ago. That is really the good news, and many think that this is a sign of the pandemic fading. I hope this is true. With less Americans catching the virus, you would imagine this would mean our ERs would be clearing out, but the opposite is happening. All over the nation, emergency rooms are now packed, and in numerous cases we are witnessing seriously ill people being cared for in ER hallways because all of the rooms are full already.

Let me give you one example. The following comes from an article called “ERs Are Swamped With Seriously Ill People, Although Many Do Not Have Covid”…

“Inside the emergency dept. of the Michigan Sparrow Hospital, staff are struggling to take care of patients showing up much sicker than they have ever seen.”

“Tiffani Dusang, the nursing director at the ER, has pent-up anxiety, looking at her patients as they lie on the stretchers pushed against the hospital hallway walls. “It is hard to watch,” she said.”

“But there is nothing she can do. The ER’s 72 rooms are filled up.”

Can anyone explain this?

If the amount of COVID cases was beginning to spike again, it might make sense for ERs to be overflowing.

But at this one Michigan hospital, the main things being treated are “respiratory problems”, “abdominal pain”, “blood clots” and “heart conditions”…

That mentioning of “heart conditions” got my attention fast, because I have been seeing a lot of this news recently.

For example, one Pennsylvania high school senior dropped dead from “a sudden cardiac incident”…

Elsewhere in the same state, an otherwise healthy 12-year-old boy also died because of a problem with his coronary artery…

Heart problems kill older people all the time, but it is weird that so many young people are now having these problems. And Democrats, or anyone else, cannot explain why this is.

Author: Scott Dowdy