Amazon Forced to Move Employees After Crime Spike in Seattle

Joe Biden has said Democrats never supported the “defund police” movement. Funny, then who was pushing it? Republicans had no interest in slashing police budgets, laying off good cops, and flooding the streets with criminals. And if you look for cities that actually did all these things, you won’t find city councils full of patriotic conservatives. Instead, you’ll find mayors and councilmembers who have more in common with Marx than Washington.

Even as public sentiment turned on defunding the police (it never supported it in the first place), Democrats scrambled to rewrite the narrative. In some cities, they actually started to refund their police departments. But in others, they are still quietly trying to undermine law and order, with policies that encourage crime, violence, homelessness, and drug abuse.

And it’s getting so bad in one blue city, that Amazon is rethinking its office situation.

Amazon is relocating a number of employees at its office in Seattle amid concerns about an increase in violent crime.

About 1,800 employees are assigned to the Amazon office on the corner of 3rd Avenue and Pine Street in downtown Seattle, according to local ABC affiliate KOMO News. Many of those employees work remotely. But a recent spike in crime on the block has forced the company to relocate in-office workers to a new space elsewhere in the city…

The intersection of 3rd and Pine has a long history of criminal activity…

“Fentanyl, that fentanyl is crazy,” said one Seattle resident whose bus route takes him to 3rd and Pine on a daily basis. “It’s so easy to get it though, it’s everywhere. It’s so easy to get it. On the bus they smoke it. Every bus they’re smoking that fentanyl.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The drug problem is getting so bad in Seattle, that federal authorities had to get involved. This forced Seattle PD to deploy a “mobile police precinct” just to keep up appearances that they are doing something about it. But many residents believe that once the Feds leave, so will the local cops—and crime will only get worse.

This is what happens when you consistently elect far-left politicians to office. They push increasingly radical policies, including cutting police and reducing penalties for crime. In many blue, West Coast cities, criminals don’t even fear getting arrested. Because, they know they will face minor penalities at best (sometimes not even bail) and will be back on the streets in no time.

That’s no way to run a city. And no way to run a country. Yet if Biden and his goons had their way, it would be like this in most of the country. Worse even, as they work around the clock to import crime and illegal immigration into your communities.

Author: Moe Blow