Alleged Conservative Network Turns Out To Be Chinese Con-Job

GETTR, the promoted conservative social media website, recently fired its whole cybersecurity team after getting pressure from the firm’s strange Chinese billionaire founder.

What is very strange is no IT professionals have been hired to replace them after their firing in late Dec. This leaves the personal information given to GETTR by its conservative users up for anyone to grab as the company loses loads of cash.

“In all my time in cybersecurity, I have never seen a company this terrible run from IT to business operations,” a former employee stated to the Washington Examiner. “It is more like a high school project.”

A different former IT executive said the firing of the tech team was ordered by Miles Guo, a supposed defector from China some people say is a double agent, who went around GETTR CEO Jason Miller. According to company insiders, Miller is just a figurehead while Guo really makes the decisions. Miller is downplaying any possible problems with the platform.

“For company policy and with respect to our employees, we don’t comment on personnel issues,” Miller said in a comment via email.

“Our position is strong, with more than 4.5 million users, and this month we will be releasing Vision, our short video format which will go against Instagram and TikTok reels,” he said.

We have reported before on how Guo controls GETTR and Miller simply does as he is ordered:

“Leaked conversations released by Mother Jones reveal that GETTR founder Jason Miller takes orders from a Chinese billionaire, leading to questions about the independence of the network said to be a free speech alternative to Twitter. Progressive news outlet Mother Jones published text and audio messages between Guo and Miller this Friday.”

“In one of his messages, Guo orders Miller to guarantee criticism from Joe Rogan, who signed up on the platform before putting attention on its inflation of fake counts.”

“It is only a misunderstanding. No issue Jason,” Guo told Miller in a message.“Joe Rogan is a huge help to us. We do not want to do anything to this dude. We must respect him. We should explain what happened… We fix this misunderstanding… We need to keep everything gentleman-like. We are all friends. We must respect him.”

Author: Scott Dowdy