After Numerous Betrayals: McConnell Has Change Of Heart

Over the course of Trump’s first four years in office, it looked like he had a friend in Mitch McConnell. At the time, McConnell was Senate Majority Leader. He happily supported Trump’s agenda and rapidly confirmed a record number of federal judges.

But something happened soon after November 3, 2020. McConnell, the top Republican in the Senate, refused to back Trump in his battle for election integrity. He seemed to welcome Biden, despite irregularities in the election–and what a Biden presidency would mean for the country.

Despite the fact Trump helped McConnell win re-election (after he was down in the polls against his rival), the Republican seemed to quickly turn on him. Although McConnell did not vote to convict Trump during the impeachment trial, he made a speech blaming and condemning him for the January 6 riot.

Yet now, in perhaps an attempt to win back supporters, McConnell is once again changing his tune.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell declared Thursday he would “absolutely” support former President Donald Trump if he became the GOP presidential nominee in 2024…

When pressed if he’d support Trump, whom just weeks ago he accused of dereliction of duty and inciting the Capitol riot, if the 45th president was renominated in 2024, the Kentucky Republican didn’t hesitate.

“The nominee of the party? Absolutely,” McConnell answered. [Source: Just the News]

There might be several reasons why McConnell is now apparently supportive of Trump–none of which prove he truly backs him. It’s possible McConnell doesn’t really think Trump will run again. Trump has made no indication on what he will do in four years. We know Trump will help in the 2022 elections, but that’s all.

Or McConnell thinks Trump won’t win the nomination. Depending on who actually runs, Trump might not get enough support by 2024.

Then again, McConnell might be looking at recent approval polls and is getting nervous. His approval among Republicans tanked after the impeachment. But Trump’s continues to be pretty high. In possible primary match-ups, Trump is far and away the leader.

But regardless of the reasoning, McConnell isn’t truly showing honest support for his former president. If Trump does get the nomination, McConnell would have no reason not to support him. And if he won again, that would be all the better for the senator.

He knows he doesn’t really have to go out on a limb over Trump, right now. Like McConnell said, a lot can happen between now and 2024. And, like the good politician he is, he doesn’t have to commit to anything right now.

Recently, Trump blasted McConnell over his speech on the Senate floor. He exposed the senator’s ties to China via his family, claiming that is why McConnell cannot be hard on the communist country. Trump slammed the Republican and criticized his leadership.

So, I’m thinking McConnell won’t be bending over backward for Trump anytime soon. And if he does run in 2024, McConnell will just wait and see, withholding his endorsement until it is most convenient for him.