After Fox News Goes Anti-Trump — Conservatives Make Them Regret It

Image Source: Washington Post

We’ve been talking about how Fox has left their “fair and balanced” and gone in a different direction, including sharing liberal talking points. It’s been happening for awhile, but is really obvious after and leading up to the election.

While the channel still beat other networks in 2020, the trouble was clear and now their ratings have taken a downturn this past week. They are now third behind CNN and MSNBC for first time in 20 years, when Clinton was in office.

Martha MacCallum, Neil Cavuto and Bret Baier were especially upset.

One of their previous anchors, Eric Bolling, took a special note.

The truth? They need to rethink their agenda. But their hosts like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are still doing great and keeping them up, which tells you the issue lies in trying to be like other news channels. Why would Fox watchers want to see repeated CNN garbage? But that’s what they seem to be going for.

They could be making a push for this when they revamp their line-up on Jan. 18. They shifted Martha MacCallum away from the 7 p.m. hour and to the 3 p.m. time-frame, replaced her early primetime show with another show and then combined Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino together to co-host America’s Newsroom.

But this is after viewers left the network after their early election call for Biden, declaring him the winner of Arizona. Many Fox viewers left their favorite network behind for the newer and pro-Trump Newsmax or One America News.

“Fox is on the run,” Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy said after Fox’s announcement of its declining ratings. “The success of Newsmax TV has delivered a huge shakeup to Fox News.” [….]

It is clear that network leaders “clearly don’t believe [MacCallum] is good enough to be among the top primetime lineup,” said an insider. “Previous to the election, she was number one. Then we called Arizona for Biden and it all changed. Bottom feeders like OAN and Newsmax are rushing to claim our alienated viewers.”

The Daily Beast has said one of their sources claims “this is the Murdochs, Fox changed the day Arizona was called for Biden and the question is will conservatives ever forgive the company.”

While we can wonder about “sources,” this certainly fits with what we have been seeing and hearing from viewers.

Fox seems to be trying to get their viewers back. But it could be way too late.