After Biden Passes the Buck–His ‘Presidency’ Is Summed up in One Tweet

You don’t have to watch the Biden presidency for long to conclude it is a train wreck. With each passing month, it gets worse. His team keeps making terrible decisions that hurt the country and outraged millions. But instead of learning from these mistakes, they keep doing them.

Maybe you assume it’s because he and his administration and entrenched Democrats. But even a president like Obama would have learned by now. Obama certain put far-left progressives ahead of Americans. But at a certain point, he needed to at least look like he was helping regular folks—otherwise, his party would lose big time during elections.

Biden can’t even do that. This became painfully clear when he single-handedly created spiking gas prices (one of countless crises he’s triggered). When asked about it, he passed the buck, blaming Russia. So, a radio host summed up Biden’s failed presidency perfectly.

President Joe Biden was slammed this week for passing the buck on soaring gas prices, blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin alone for U.S. crude oil hitting a 13-year high.

“They’re gonna go up,” Biden said about gas prices, The Daily Wire reported Tuesday, adding: “When asked what he could do about it, he said, ‘I can’t do much right now. Russia’s responsible.’”

Radio host and conservative columnist Jesse Kelly ripped POTUS for shifting the blame entirely, highlighting a pattern with Biden.

“The entire Biden Presidency: 1. Cause a problem 2. Deny there’s a problem 3. Finally admit there’s a problem, but blame someone else,” he wrote. “Rinse and repeat.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden has repeated this pattern numerous times since the start of his term. It is literally how his entire administration operates. Pick any crises over the last year and you’ll see it played out. Take the border. Biden created the crisis by ending Trump policies and letting in millions of illegal aliens. His team denied anything was going on, preventing the media from looking at the border. Then, when it was undeniable, he blamed Trump (who was long out of office).

How about high prices at the grocery store? Inflation was triggered by Biden’s “stimulus” spending from last year. He denied inflation was a long-term problem. Finally, he blamed companies for “greed” in rising prices.

He did that with COVID. He neglected the pandemic by failing to roll out vaccines and testing early in 2021. Cases spiked during the summer, which he ignored for a time. Finally, he pushed mandates, blaming the cases on unvaccinated Americans.

I can go on. Biden’s administration has no clue what it is doing. They start fires because of their incompetence, then spend all their time trying to put out the fires. That fails, so they ignore it and move on to the next fire. If this was the upper management of a company they’d all be fired (and probably sued by shareholders).

Yet they have the audacity to call themselves a presidential administration.

Author: Moe Blow