After Biden Ignores Science, CNN Turns On Him

I don’t have to tell you about the devastating impact closed schools have had on our nation’s youth. Out of all terrible decisions made by the government during the pandemic, this might be the worst (it’s close though, with closed businesses and persecuted churches).

The real reason many schools have yet to reopen is because corrupt teacher’s unions are using the pandemic as a bargaining chip. Unions rarely get such a perfect opportunity to coerce management for more money and perks. So, instead of putting the well-being of children first (who are suffering mental hardship, loneliness, drug abuse, even suicides), these teachers are putting themselves first.

Democrats keep saying they are “following the science” on COVID. Yet the science says schools are safe and children can return. Joe Biden said as much during his CNN town hall. Yet his administration isn’t pushing very hard to reopen America’s schools. So, CNN bashed him.

“We’re hearing a lot of conflicting stuff from the White House, especially right now about when the vaccines will be widely available, what counts in terms of reopening schools,” CNN host Jake Tapper said. “What do you make so far of the messaging from the Biden administration?”

“Yeah, I think mixed messaging is a little bit of an understatement, as [another CNN reporter] really clearly laid out. There’s been a lot of doublespeak, but I think they’re in two categories,” Phillip said…

“It’s still puzzling to me why the vice president and the president won’t say this themselves, but the CDC guidelines say, it’s not a prerequisite to reopen schools, but the Biden administration very clearly wants for teachers to be prioritized. Both things can be true at the same time, they just … for some reason, refuse to say it.” [Source: Daily Wire]

CNN’s Abby Phillip called out the fact that Biden won’t give a “simple answer” over when schools should reopen. She also suggested the administration is ignoring the science about COVID and schools. Even the CDC says teachers don’t need to be vaccinated to return to normal classes. But Biden’s administration won’t lay out their priorities.

That’s because, Phillip continued, Biden is putting teacher’s ahead of students, while at the same time claiming to “following the science.” She slammed the administration for not be honest about the situation.

You can see how hard CNN is trying to make Biden and his idiot team look good. But the facts are the facts. This administration is a puppet for the left-wing agenda. Nobody in the White House has a backbone to do what is right, out of fear of upsetting one segment of the party or another. It shouldn’t surprise us. After all, Biden was no real candidate, just a face the Democrats told what to say and do.

Now that he has to make real decisions, he’s stuck between the crooked teacher’s unions and the “science” crowd. He can’t offend either, since both groups got him elected. So, his administration waffles on the issue, as millions of children suffer.

If only we had leaders that, you know, actually thought for themselves and did the right thing? I know, that’s a fairy tale, right?