Afghan ‘Evacuees’ Caught In Horrendous Crimes — Democrats Want This Censored Now

Two Afghanistan evacuees have been charged with federal crimes which they committed at a Wisconsin state military base, in a new development that is likely to cause concerns about the over 100,000 people brought into the United States after the nation’s capitulation to the Taliban.

Bahrullah Noori, 20, is charged with trying to engage in a sexual act with a minor by use of force. Court documents show the victim was under 16 years old. The federal felony might potentially lead to him getting a life sentence in prison.

Mohammad Haroon Imaad, 32, has also been charged with felony assault against his wife, with an indictment saying the Afghan national suffocated and strangled her.

Both men, who were being kept at the Fort McCoy location as new evacuees from Kabul, made their first court appearances in Madison, Wisconsin and are being kept at the Dane County Jail. They are scheduled for their arraignment before a federal judge today, and the Dept. of Justice reports that the criminal cases are not related.

Establishment media falsely said that the 100,000+ Afghanistan citizens evacuated from the nation were all “translators” for the United States military during the 20 year war in the middle eastern nation, or that they partnered with the U.S. government in some way. In reality, it appears that just a small minority of Afghans who were evacuated from the city of Kabul are legitimate United States military employees who qualify for a special visa.

Sources close to the refugee airlift have said the majority of those people taken out of Afghanistan do not qualify for United States residency, with deportations to the nation conveniently now suspended.

This comes after Biden’s southern border disaster has dissolved further into chaos as Haitian migrants have attacked several Border officials after discovering that they were being deported. The many thousands of illegals from the island nation have created a tent city next to the underpass that has held South American refugees for months.

Americans are growing frustrated with Democrats’ open border agenda and all the signs point to 2022 and 2024 being a complete blowout on this issue alone.

Author: Steven Sinclaire