Adam Schiff Exposed For Doctoring January 6th Evidence

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff (CA) seems to have altered evidence that he mentioned in Monday’s hearings at the witch-hunt January 6 committee, just as he infamously did with the impeachment investigation into Trump in 2019.

The committee was talking about its motion to recommend that former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows be hit with contempt of Congress for not giving information which Trump said was executive privilege.

The Federalist reports that Adam Schiff doctored the text messages he gave to the committee, altering the text and giving the impression inside a visual presentation that he quoted the original messages instead of fabrications.

Sean Davis reports:

“During a hearing on Monday night about the so-called riot at the Capitol, Adam Schiff said he had proof that a Congress-member texted the former chief of staff Mark Meadows to tell former VP Mike Pence to overturn the apparent presidential results.”

“Not only did Adam Schiff misrepresent those text message and their source, he even doctored the original messages, which were reviewed and obtained by The Federalist.”

One message, which Adam Schiff attributed to a GOP lawmaker, was altered to read: “On Jan. 6, 2021, VP Mike Pence, as the Senate President, should target these electoral votes that he thinks are unconstitutional as not electoral votes at all.”

He mentioned the message as one argument for forcing Meadows to testify, and charging him in with contempt.

But the original text message came from former Dept. of Defense Inspector Gen. Joseph Schmitz, who had summarized legal arguments that Republican Congressman Jim Jordan (OH) forwarded to Meadows. And Schiff left out the entire exchange, which went like this:

“On January 6, 2021, Pence should call out all these electoral votes that he thinks are unconstitutional as not being electoral votes — in accordance with the guidance from judicial precedence.”

“An unconstitutionally appointed elector, such as an unconstitutionally enacted statute, is not elector at all.”

Schiff omitted some of those portions which referred to a legal basis for rejecting the electors.

Schiff has routinely faked evidence during investigations. In 2019, during the opening hearing of the House Intel. Committee investigation into Trump, he faked a conversation between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Trump.

When caught, Adam Schiff tried to say he was merely playing out a “parody,” instead of creating a fake public impression.

Later, in arguments before the U.S. Senate in Trump’s impeachment trial, Schiff created a fake Trump quote concerning Zelenskyy, again.

Author: Blake Ambrose