5 Sneaky Agendas Biden Hopes The GOP Won’t Notice In His Spending Bill

Although six House Dems from the liberal wing of the party voted against the passage of Biden’s $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure law, House Speaker Pelosi pushed the bill through late Friday with the help of 13 GOP members. Hidden inside these 2,300 pages were a complete boondoggle of a bill that has many dangerous provisions.

Shortly before the official vote, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise from Louisiana warned his colleagues about the many egregious plans inside the bill.

Scalise, holding up his copy, reminded lawmakers of Joe Biden’s promise that passage of this agenda would not cost people earning under $400,000 anything.

“He broke his promise right here,” Scalise said. “In the bill, a tax, according to the Association of American Gas, will raise household electricity costs by 30 percent. And by the way, that is low-income families that pay the tax the most.”

Democrats had originally included amnesty for illegals into their larger Build Back Better bill. Because there is no GOP support in the Senate for this law, they hoped to push it through using reconciliation.

However, in Sept., Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth McDonough said that amnesty could not be put inside a reconciliation bill since it has nothing to do with revenue or spending. So they put it inside the infrastructure bill instead.

Scalise told lawmakers: “Millions of more people will get amnesty with this bill. And it comes during a time when President Joe Biden is negotiating — initially he said he was not doing so — and then the White House had to reverse that and say the Justice Dept. is negotiating half a million dollar checks to illegals and then they are going to give amnesty to millions more. Estimates are seven million people.”

“Can you imagine the flood of illegals that will come here when they hear you can get a half a million dollars if Biden gets his way?” he said.

Next, he spoke about the addition of 87,000 IRS agents. “They call it infrastructure. They call it equity. Whatever they call it, it is an army of IRS agents that will comb through your bank account. … Why? Because they have got to generate billions more to spend on more inflation-inducing spending. …”

“These IRS agents will have to account for more than $200 billion to find money from your bank accounts,” he said. “That is what they’re doing this in the dark of night.”

“No wonder they don’t want a CBO score for this law, no wonder they wish to do this during the dark of night. This will induce more inflation that is hurting American families everywhere,” Scalise said.

Author: Blake Ambrose