2024 Election Poll Has Democrats Sweating Profusely

Although former President Donald Trump has not yet to formally announced his plans or intention to run for election in 2024, new polling says he is well-positioned to take on President Joe Biden and could come out as the winner.

The poll published on Friday by Emerson College shows Trump narrowly defeating Biden in a hypothetical matchup. While neither Biden nor Trump is supported by the majority of American voters, the former president is right now 2 points higher than the current president.

Trump is backed by 45 percent of possible voters while Joe Biden is supported by only 43 percent, the newest Emerson survey data reveals. Meanwhile, 11 percent of American voters said they wish to vote for “someone else,” and only 1 percent said they would remain “undecided.”

Emerson’s new poll was done between November 3 and 4 with an error margin of plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Notably, the difference between Biden and Trump has increased some since Emerson had a similar poll in early Sept. That previous survey revealed Trump ahead of Biden by only 1 percentage point. However, both the Democrat and Republican were supported by a larger amount of possible voters at the time.

Trump was supported by 47 percent compared to Biden’s support at 46 percent. As of this month, Donald Trump’s support has gone down by 2 points while Biden’s has lowered by 3 points.

Emerson’s polling also reveals that Joe Biden’s approval is dipping while his disapproval is surging upward. In Sept., 46 percent of possible voters approved of Joe Biden while 47 percent of them disapproved of him.

Now at the outset of Nov., only 41 percent report that they approve of Biden while 50 percent disapproved.

Biden’s approval has gone down the most among Black voters. In Feb., almost 72 percent supported the president. The fresh polling reveals a decline of 20 points with Blacks—to only 52 percent.

Recent polling by other groups have consistently had Biden’s approval numbers underwater. FiveThirtyEight’s current average of polls reveals that around 50.4 percent of voters disapprove of Joe Biden and only 42.9 percent approve.

Author: Scott Dowdy